Damon Gentry, founder of Fitment, is creating a digital service for businesses that market reservable activities. Ironside Axe Club, Damon's first subscriber, is an ideal fit for Fitment's new service.

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Ironside Axe Club's business is growing rapidly. That growth has led to some challenges with the reservation software they currently use which was designed for the hair salon industry. At the time they choose the system, it was about the only option available. Needless to say, it doesn't quite fit their business model. It falls short of their correspondence expectations and offers no way to integrate with a system they used for staff scheduling.

Damon, who has experience building online reservation systems, jumped on the opportunity and offered to create a platform that consolidated these two systems into a cohesive scheduling solution for Ironside Axe Club. Ironside Axe Club, who is eager to improve their online reservation process ahead of the World Axe Throwing League U.S. Open Tournament to be held at their West Des Moines location at the end of August took Damon up on his offer.

With a new project in hand, Damon set out to assemble a solution for Ironside Axe Club. That's where Xilution comes into the picture. Damon and I met in May. Shortly thereafter, Damon learned about the Xilution platform and how it could help him build his solution.

Damon needed two things to achieve a minimum viable product for Ironside Axe Club. First, he needed an alternative to the reservation system that Ironside Axe Club had grown frustrated with. Second, he needed a way to coordinate reservation transactions between the alternative reservation system and the staff scheduling system that Ironside Axe Club was satisfied with.

I offered to create a resource scheduling API to address Damon's need for an alternative reservation system. I also offered to create a managed API hosting solution to address Damon's need for a way to coordinate reservation transactions. This is how two new Xilution APIs, Honey Bee and Fox, were born.

In addition to API products, I also supported Damon through Xilution Professional Services. I helped Damon code a middle tier component and a frontend widget. The middle tier component, hosted on Fox, coordinates reservation transactions between Honey Bee and Ironside Axe Club's staff scheduling system and communicates with the frontend widget, to be embedded in the Ironside Axe Club's website, via an RESTful web service interface.

Working with Damon on his resource scheduling platform has been a lot of fun and has served as a great proving ground for my startup's business model. It resulted in the creation of some new APIs which are now included in the Xilution portfolio of API products. It also shed light on the opportunity to offer professional services to Xilution's API customers. I think the experience will have a lasting impact on Xilution for years to come.

If you would like to learn more about how Xilution can support your digital marketing efforts, contact tbrunia@xilution.com today!