We have set a new challenge for ourselves! All new Xilution development will run through our #NoOps pipeline products.

Our first dog fooding adventure is Kangaroo, an API for managing cloud account details on behalf of our customers.

We plan to use a few different Xilution products for this project including...

  • Fox (Managed API NoOps pipeline)
  • Zebra (OAuth2 compliant authentication API)
  • Beagily (Simple data storage API)
These products span the breath of our product offering including pipeline, IAM and API products, and we're excited to show them off for you.

In the spirit of building in public, we're sharing our progress under the hashtag #XilutionKangarooBuild on Twitter. So, follow the action at @xilution or @tbrunia.

If you follow along, please let us know what you think and please kindly share our story with others. Thanks!